Exclusive interview with CRSB

Top Shelf Reggae had the opportunity to speak with the tremendously talented San Francisco Bay Area natives Sonny B. and Chris Ramos at the New Parish in Oakland, CA. Together as blood cousins and best friends, they have formed a very successful group and labeling themselves as CRSB, which has recently been touring up and down the California coast, Las Vegas, as well as the beautiful islands of Hawaii, captivating many listeners new and old, while simultaneously gaining widespread attention of the Hawaiian radio waves.

CRSB’s style of music is a melting pot and fusion of many genres including R&B, pop, hip hop, rock and all intertwined with an island characteristic that is genuinely apparent, and most notably when the two cousins break out the ukulele to which they play a battling duet that is most impressive to say the very least.

CRSB performed at a standing room only, sold out show where they absolutely crushed the stage with their impeccable performance and spirited energy. Keep a close eye on these Bay Area natives as big things are on the horizon for these very driven artists.

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