Gone Gone Beyond goes acoustic in “Coast” live video

Posited somewhere between folk, world, alternative and electronica, you will find the existence of Gone Gone Beyond. This unique faction extends past the realms of any one specific musical category, for a simple designation would be far too constricting for their liking. No, GGB is far more than that. They pose as the next music leader of the world’s ongoing existential rebellion — an awakening of consciousness through sound and sensation. At least, that’s what you automatically infer from their latest single “Coast”, featuring Moontricks and The Human Experience. The sonic jam precedes the band’s inaugural album 2030, due out this upcoming June. (You thought we were going to say coming out in eight years, huh? The title is apt, though, considering that’s a rough estimate of how far ahead in time this band is.)

If you liked “Coast” with all the bells and whistles, wait ’til you hear it stripped.

Performing live and unplugged from the rustic backdrop of Baja, California, GGB (alongside Sean Rodman of Moontricks) gathers in a circle to celebrate “Coast” in this new video shot by Sam Leabo and LP Hastings. Jovial and carefree, these talented players twist the original bluesy single into an Americana jam party! There’s also a bossa nova vibe to it that really makes you want to move. And, lest we forget, you simply cannot ignore the song’s message: if the world runs away from you, never fear and adapt. “It’s out of my control // So, I’m gonna coast for a little while,” sings lead singer Kat Factor. Words with such weight coming out of a yearlong quarantine…

“Coast” is now available on all digital outlets, as well as the masterful live video viewable above. For more information on Gone Gone Beyond, as well as to mark your calendars for their forthcoming LP, visit the links below.

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