Costa Rican experimental rock band 11:11 returns with an awakening music video for their latest single “Sanarás”. Meaning ‘to heal’ in English, the band is urging listeners and fans to spring into action, do our part to heal this world, especially now that the global pandemic is waning.

It’s been a year of terror. Let’s now heal the planet and our fellow mankind.

Premiering exclusively today here on Top Shelf Music before hitting the band’s personal YouTube page, 11:11’s message is heard loud and clear (even for non-Spanish speakers). Recently signed to Long Beach Records LATAM, 11:11 is raising the bar on what an industrial rock band can achieve. Sure, they can rock, but they can be environmentally-conscious while they’re at it!

For more information on 11:11 or to add the dark, yet enchanting new rock single to your playlists, follow the links below.

Purchase or stream “Sanarás” single:

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