Joe Sambo releases savory music video for “Beef” single

Rising east coast reggae star Joe Sambo doubles down on his latest single “Beef” with a quirky new music video! The single is the first off Sambo’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, after releasing his debut album The Wrong Impression in 2019 to critical acclaim. He even won Male Artist of the Year at the The New England Music Awards!

Relocating from his New Hampshire home to the sunshine state, this Key West resident is adding more flavor to his music by the second… literally.

Sambo comments on the single’s creation: “I’d had this melody and chorus stuck in my head literally for like two years and I knew the hook was catchy as fuck. It was just a matter of building it from there with a solid bassline. The concept behind ‘Beef’ eventually became this whimsical idea of a delicious house-made groove that’s so tasty, everyone can eat and enjoy it like a staple canned good. Even the vegans can enjoy a can of ‘Beef’ — no problem! It’s something that feels so good, anybody could vibe with and move to it, no matter what walk of life you are from; the only goal was to make people move and want to listen to it… or eat it.”

The single is out on all digital outlets now via LAW Records. Sambo is the newest addition to the label, signing on permanently after crushing his contribution to The House That Bradley Built Sublime tribute album in support of Bradley’s House. LAW helped in the creation of the music video for “Beef”, alongside New Hampshire’s Revelry Studios (where Sambo recorded the track with friends). And, speaking of friends, what an all-star lineup on the song! Quincy Medaglia can be found on lead guitar, with Mark King on bass, Greg Nectow on keyboards, Alex Brander on drums, Andrew Riordan on saxophone and Billy Kottage on trombone. 

If that doesn’t get you grooving, wait till you see the video!

Starting in black-and-white, like an old 1950s infomercial, Joe Sambo asks a housewife if she’s tired of “the same ‘ol boring beef”? Turns out, she is, indeed. Simply by popping open a can of Sambo-certified beef, you contract a case of dance fever, able to pass from person to person around the world. After a year of fear, disease and quarantine, there’s nothing like turning a worldwide contagion on its head. Whether you’re a janitor or a doctor, man, woman or canine, you cannot escape this infectious groove! Directed by Tyler Ayers, produced by Matt Blanchette and with Kyle Normandin as DP alongside assistant cameraman Jeremy Kingwill, “Beef” will easily turn any frown upside down. Even the hamburger patties smile in this one!

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