WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Ras Fraser Jr. “Jealousy”

Rastafarian Ras Fraser Jr. returns in this comedic world video premiere of “Jealousy”, a song previously featured on the Sheng Slang Riddim album via Giddimani Records. The single asks why people carry such jealousy of others around in their hearts — “God knows!?”

Greed and envy manifest in many ways, even at an everyday car wash.

Applying this human truth to routine life, Ras Fraser Jr. introduces an envious car wash employee in the single’s short film by Jason Biggs. Opening on comedic actor Slick Whiteline waving in a car to wash, the video shows the shortcomings of a slacking employee fighting with customers after only doing a third of the work, sleeping on the job, stealing cars to take to a body shop, etc. Ras Fraser Jr. doesn’t understand why someone would have such hatred in their heart towards others as they work their way up from the bottom in life. Handing the owner of the car wash a wad of cash, Ras Fraser Jr. illuminates the unexpected payout you sometimes can receive when putting in honest work.

Be the first to view the new video above before it hits digital outlets this week and make sure to follow Ras Fraser Jr. on all his future endeavors through the links below.

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2 years ago

Beautiful song