P-Funk North salutes stoners in “All My Heroes Are Potheads” video

P-Funk North returns with asinine antics and major munchies in their new music video for “All My Heroes Are Potheads”, a musical tribute to champions of marijuana intake and industry. In true ska form, P-Funk North’s tongue-in-cheek revelry for all things stoney bologna come to life, saluting Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Bob Marley and more as they go.

Time to “wika-wika-roll it up”!

The video by Weilhouse Productions begins with pillars of smoke escaping an opening garage door — a flashback to anyone’s prime years. Friends skank around a barbecue roasting boots and bowling pins, play boardgames in costume on the couch or relish in Doritos raining inexplicably in the bath. Just another day in the life.

Enjoy the music video for “All My Heroes Are Potheads” above and make sure to add the single to your streaming playlists today!

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