Raised Fist Propaganda debuts Rockaz Collective with all-star video

Renowned videographer Jeff Pliskin, Founder and CEO of multimedia company Raised Fist Propaganda, has begun a new enterprise with two heavyweight reggae names — Gary Dread (of The Movement) and producer Rick Haze! The trio calls themselves Rockaz Collective, providing pristine film and audio needs for the east coast and beyond.

Bursting forth with tenacity and expertise, Rockaz Collective is yet another astonishing achievement under Pliskin’s belt.

To consummate the novel venture, Rockaz Collective debuts the above video “Rockaz”, featuring friend and fellow bandmate Joshua Swain (of The Movement). Also on the track is Ryan Gonzo (of Tribal Seeds), C-Los on drums (of Sublime With Rome) and John Felice, all recorded by Rick Haze before getting passed off for mixing by acclaimed roots reggae producer, E.N Young. With Pliskin navigating the camera (as per usual), you can tell the amount of heart that has already gone into this all-star passion project (with hopefully more coming soon!!!).

Be the one of the first to view the video above, after its inaugural unveiling last week via Reggaeville. For more on Jeff Pliskin or Raised Fist Propaganda (or to reach out for a video of your own), visit the links below.

Raised Fist Propaganda links: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Website

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