WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Harlette “Gemini (Acoustic)”

Canadian rock artists Harlette pack an uncontainable blend of style and sound with their newest music video release, “Gemini (Acoustic)”, premiering exclusively today on Top Shelf Music. With a sultry film noir aesthetic, singer-songwriters Michelle and Martina give us a pared-down version of their mid-2021 release. Featuring just the two singers and a red piano, the video is an homage to silver screen sirens of the 1930s era.

It’s a visual treat, with a black lace glove, winged eyeliner and soul-satisfying vocals layered over an exquisite performance. 

While some might call Harlette a rock band, their sound goes much further than a single genre. From melodically driven in-your-face vocals that conjure cramped basement gigs to booming drums and bass that put you front row at a stadium, Harlette delivers infectious and unflinching energy. While relatively new to the scene, Harlette’s story dates back to 2011. Michelle Owen (singer-songwriter) was introduced to Steve Kirstein (engineer/producer) to record music for her band. The music they created landed her in the 2012 HTZ FM Rocksearch competition against Jay Emmons (guitar/producer). Jay went on to win the competition, while Michelle was advised to “quit her music career.” As fate would have it, Michelle became the tour manager for Jay’s band in 2017 and toured the world for two years. During this time, Michelle was introduced to Jay’s partner, Martina Lake (singer-songwriter). A natural poet, Martina started sharing her work with Michelle while spending time together on the road. The two bonded and began writing what would later become Harlette’s first songs. Officially forming in 2021, Harlette recorded their single “Gemini” at Burnett Studios. 

“The inspiration [for ‘Gemini’] is my twin sister. I wrote it at a time where I felt very lonely, but was also aware that I’ve actually never been alone. Whether it’s literally coming into this world with another person or dealing with relationships, she’s always been there. I’m definitely a person who needs a companion… or several. I don’t like being alone and this song is my way of saying I’m okay with that,” Martina explains.

Released initially with a technicolor, modern girl power-punk music video accompanying, the first iteration of “Gemini” features delectably grimy vocals, introspective lyrics, huge hooks and massive guitar tones built for full blast over your speakers.

“What resonated most with me was the attitude,” Michelle comments.

“It’s the first time I’ve recorded an original song from someone else’s perspective and I’ve learned that I love it, because I can have a hard time articulating my thoughts into words. I love performing and channeling my own personal experiences into the music. It was definitely an ‘A-ha’ moment for me. I was used to writing alone and when we all started collaborating, I realized ‘I don’t need to do everything myself.’ Martina is a vocab goddess.”

To experience the same track now in a sultry, pared-back flavor highlights the unfettered talent of a band on the rise. The acoustic version of “Gemini” layers sultry vocals and ethereal harmonies, giving audiences a chance to appreciate the raw talent of two songstresses who don’t need special effects or glitzy videos to make a big impression. As much fun as the original music video is, we might go so far as to label “Gemini (Acoustic)” as a resounding favorite. 

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