Ramz celebrates black women in “Underneath” music video

UK hip hop artist Ramz follows up his “Belong To The Streets” and “Brixton to Oxford Circus” freestyle releases with an official ‘black is beautiful’ statement in his latest single “Underneath”. As nations around the world continue to demand justice for black citizens, particularly in America, it’s uplifting to hear artists standing firm in the name of justice and equality. And, in this case, how “dark skinned girls don’t get praised enough”

“Underneath” is a smooth, sexy single for all the black women out there “lookin’ immaculate”.

Produced by Capri (with additional production by 169), Ramz raps his praises — one after the other — for dark-skinned women, whether they’re wearing makeup or not. Go ahead and take it off, look natural! The music video for “Underneath”, shot in London and directed by Kirx Diaz, proffers a handful of gorgeous women in full makeup only to wipe it off. “I wanna see what’s underneath,” raps Ramz, so go ahead and “love yourself”. With BLM at its height, there’s no better time to honor black women than now (considering how long overdue this movement is).

Touching on the song, Ramz comments: “This song is a celebration of dark-skinned girls. It’s also about striving to be comfortable in your own skin and being proud of your own skin, in its most natural form.” Ramz continues, “I really hope this song helps empower anyone who is feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, for whatever reason, right now.”

The single is available on all digital outlets below and for more information on this accomplished British phenom, visit the social links for Ramz below.

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