WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Jah Sun “Law Of Attraction”

Top Shelf Music is proud to host the world premiere of Jah Sun’s latest work: the music video for “Law Of Attraction”, a steamy single off his new album Magic & Madness. The California reggae artist graced the world with his fourth full-length following this past Memorial Day Weekend, when we all needed fresh music the most coming out of quarantine! On the new nine-track LP is not only “Law Of Attraction”, yet also a dub version of track… in case you need the vibes turned even more.

The video for the single starts just like the song — sensual and synthy, with literal steam rising off the surface.

Produced by Jallanzo and shot by Seen Productions, Jah Sun’s video for “Law Of Attraction” is art at its finest. Breaking attraction down into science — with “electrons, protons, neutrons” and the like — Jah Sun chants as a beautiful female meditates in the wilderness. Animated steam pours out of her as it does from the earth’s surface, alluding to the notion we are all created from the same physical matter. “Life becomes what we will it to be” if we align our motives to the good of all mankind. The laws of attraction can become “infinite possibilities” if we just “observe” others doing it correctly. Believe. Believe that it will all be better. In a world shutdown from external distraction and interaction, we need introspection more than ever before.

Jah Sun’s beautiful video is not only illuminating, it is fascinating to watch. The swirling, morphing graphics are mesmerizing! Be the first to view the music video for “Law Of Attraction” above before it hits all outlets tomorrow and make sure to tune in to the rest of Jah Sun’s smashing Magic & Madness LP on all digital outlets below.

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3 years ago

Super happy feeling tune and a great message, Full power to Jah Sun!