Rising Tide “Seven Times Rise” music video

Featuring core members of the internationally acclaimed group Groundation, Rising Tide is composed of Marcus Urani (keys/producer), Ryan Newman (bass), Kim Pommel (vocals), Sherida Sharpe (vocals), Faith Waltson (vocals) as well as virtuoso New York based jazz-guitarist Yotam Silberstein and Bay Area heavy hitting drummer Paul Spina of Motherbug and Claypool’s Flying Frog Brigade.

On February 12, 2016, Rising Tide dropped an amazingly impressive animated music video for their new single “Seven Times Rise.” With its insinuating rhythms, sparkling arrangements and outstanding musicianship, this track makes a tremendous impression. Rising Tide is on schedule to release their full album this coming March, so stay tuned! For more information about Rising Tide give them a follow on Facebook.

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