Shedonist drops debaucherous new video for “Daddy”

Just in time for Father’s Day, Nashville-based grunge rockers Shedonist have debuted their latest music video for “Daddy”. The video is a wild and debaucherous romp through an audition process, as the band seeks out prospective new “Daddies”. It hits its visual climax as the band is surrounded, dollar bills begin to fly and everyone begins rocking out in one hypnotic orgy of head-banging. The single and video is the latest release from their 2021 album Young, Dumb & Stupid (via Bent Knee Records). Originally written as a joke based on the prompt “write a song about Daddy issues”, the song wasn’t exactly a favorite for lead singer Jasmin Toubi. According to her:

“I actually didn’t want to keep [the song], but the band and our fans loved it so much, it’s now become a fan-favorite.”

Fronted by Persian-American Toubi, Shedonist boasts an accessible fusion of 00s garage, 90s alternative, 70s blues rock, 60s psychedelia and a hint of Toubi’s native Persian musical tradition. This is an album for music-lovers of any age. The record oozes the explosive swagger that marks all great debut albums, punctuated by ear-worm hooks and powerhouse vocals.

Shedonist is currently tearing up stages across Nashville and quickly cementing their place in the ever-growing local music scene. Rock music isn’t just a genre, it’s an attitude and for Jasmin Toubi, singing and sharing her music with the world represents the ultimate form of rebellion. “I’m the daughter of Iranian immigrants and I’m very lucky to be here,” says Toubi. “If I was born in Iran, I’d literally be in jail right now for being a musician; it’s illegal for women to sing.”

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