Soltribe drops “More Than A Lifetime” music video & Remix EP

Roots reggae band with a twist Soltribe returns from their recent 20/20 album release with a cleverly diverse More Than A Lifetime (The Remixes) EP! As everyone can relate to a relationship turned toxic, what better way to wrap up Valentine’s Day than to listen to Soltribe’s “More Than A Lifetime” five different ways? The band’s unique sound is one that combines rootsy, dubby reggae with elements of EDM, alternative, hip hop and more, rendering them fully capable of breaching all musical genres for any given subject, evidenced in this latest remix EP.

If you like the original version, wait till you hear “More Than A Lifetime” the Latin, Metal, Lofi and Spoken Word remix.

Soltribe’s artistic display of talent doesn’t stop at just the EP, either. The new music video for “More Than A Lifetime” proffers a dark narrative, yet a tale as old as time — a relationship turned sour. Toxic, unrelenting, yet unable to end, you witness a man and woman miserably co-existing… a vicious cycle of break-up and make-up. Why not walk away? It’s harder than it sounds, for it’s “going to take more than a lifetime to let you go”. As the tension escalates from simple bickering to full-on door-slamming and pill-popping, the video’s protagonists finally pack a bag to bail on each other (after trashing the house, of course), only to both return home apologetic and submissive. Sigh. C’est la vie.

Now that More Than A Lifetime (The Remixes) is available everywhere, the sky is the limit for this San Antonio band. For more information on Soltribe, visit the links below.

Purchase or stream ‘More Than A Lifetime (The Remixes)’ EP:

Track listing:

  1. More Than A Lifetime
  2. More Than A Lifetime (Latin Mix)
  3. M.T.A.L.
  4. More Than A Lifetime (Lofi Mix)
  5. More Than A Lifetime (Spoken Word Mix)

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