The Irie knows how to “Kick It” in new video

Hang with the boys of The Irie? Yes, please. Based off the new wickedly vivacious video by the band, a night with them is anything but ordinary. Waking up all over the floor (and Johnny even on the furniture), The Irie comes to after a long night of partying with babes… at least, from what they can recall.

From poolside to cruisin’ the avenue, The Irie will “Kick It” like you’ve never seen.

In this video by Cory Davis, the trio jam by the pool, serenading smokin’ hot broads in bikinis with their sweet reggae sounds as ladies in all directions sip libations in the sunshine. Not a bad gig to find yourself, to be honest. I guess, if anyone knows how to beat the scorching heat in style, it’s this Arizona-based band. As champagne bubbles over into an extra bubbly hot tub, one thing is clear — there’s nothing like a day with The Irie.

Watch the video above for a refreshing escape and make sure to follow The Irie for anything they do next. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get an invite to their next music video shoot?!

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