Top Shelf Music News: Episode 16

Top Shelf Music News hosts Kristy Rose and Matt Cook bring to you the best of summer music news with only some slight alien transmission interruption by singer-songwriter and We Speak English Good podcaster Mike E.P. From fictional bands making real-life albums to virtual festivals in gibberish, don’t miss anything in the music industry by tuning in. See you all next month.

*DISCLAIMER*: Top Shelf Music News is meant to be a humorous newscast. We have taken the COVID-19 crisis seriously and wish all those afflicted — in any way — the best. Our moral values of ‘bringing only good vibes’ is applied through this news show in the encouragement of laughter in a time of global hysteria. Opinions expressed in each episode do not reflect the company at large. Cheers 🍻

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Missy Casaretto
1 year ago

Great episode as always! I love Kool and the Gang! 😆 “She’s vaxed!”

1 year ago

I am new to TSMM. Loved the news episode and Knotfest article.