Big Spin unveils “I Can Give You Nothing” video

Mexico-based punk rock band Big Spin adds imagery and animation to their “I Can Give You Nothing” single, a song previously released on their self-titled album. With the aid of contemporary dancer and ballerina Paulina del Carmen, Big Spin’s premiere reggae rock-style single comes to colorful life in the new music video above.

Despite its title, this is very much a love song.

Big Spin knows that true love is only when your partner asks for nothing in return but love. Love is immaterial, transcending all earthly pleasures. The band “can write you a love song”, but it wouldn’t ring sincere without the act of love itself to back it up. Big Spin says, “I can give you nothing // ‘Cuz nothing’s all I got from you”, for a relationship is all about reciprocity.

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