Tyrone’s Jacket launches “Fanta$y” lyric video

The alt-hip hop triad known as Tyrone’s Jacket reemerge with a colorful lyric video for “Fanta$y”, a single off their recent self-titled album. Combining elements of rap with RnB with trap with electronica, Tyrone’s Jacket expresses readiness to “lose control” in “Fanta$y”. Release that tight-knuckled grip of the wheel… “Learnin’ to trust everyday // Pushin’ a bucket for change.” It’s all in the manner of lyrical interpretation whether the band’s sentiment is for love of another or the love of your passions.

Whatever fuels you forward — go ahead and live the “Fanta$y”.

Tyrone’s Jacket encourages you to be “living it up”, to be chasing waterfalls “traveling the speed of sound and light”. Success is for the taking to anyone so determined. Aptly framed within a television set, Tyrone’s Jacket members echo these inspirational themes throughout the single’s new lyric video, available for viewing above. Make sure to keep your eyes out for more from Tyrone’s Jacket; knowing their work ethic, new releases are coming extremely soon.

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