Mezcal unveils “Love U” music video

Latin reggae-ska band Mezcal has recently dropped a music video to their “Love U” single — the first track they’ve done in English! The band out of Monterrey, Mexico felt the need to spread the good vibes north of the Border, producing a sweet and simple love song for English speakers everywhere. “If you love me, I will love you,” sings Mezcal in delightful harmony.

Love should always be this simple.

“Love U” will have you rocking to the rhythm with a steady guitar skank and playful melodica. Yet, don’t assume this single doesn’t have its layers of complexity. Just like love itself, it seems easy at first… almost otherworldly. At the song’s bridge, however, a piercing guitar comes through — an audible analogy of the dizzying act of falling for someone. In doing so, Mezcal’s “Love U” stands apart from other love ballads; its sincerity shines in both lyrics and instrumentation.

The song is brought to life in the new video by Rocket Brothers, showcasing the band’s talent in several locations around their town. Watch the music video for “Love U” above and make sure to follow Mezcal via the social links below for more.

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