Weege & 880 South unveils “Always Something” music video

Denver-based singer-songwriter Weege is recently back in action following over a decade-long hiatus from the music industry. Originating in a band called 880 South circa 2004, Weege toured with the greatest in the reggae rock realm at the time — Iration, Rebelution, even helped Slightly Stoopid break into the Bay Area market! But, life happens. Weege’s music career took a backseat around 2007 in order to accommodate real life: raising a family, working a wage, being financially responsible. Yet, music never left his heart.

After losing his bakery to COVID-19, Weege rejoined the music industry with veracity, releasing 23 songs over the past six months!

Teaming with old friends, now in Colorado, Weege reanimated his 880 South crew, with friends Greg Medeiros (of 880 South, Thrive), Mark LeBlanc Jr. and Nick Wimer (of Project 432). Medeiros joins Weege on bass and drums in his latest release “Always Something”, a single further featuring The Expendables’ Raul Bianchi and Adam Patterson — the latter mixing it all together. If you’re a fan of early Michael Franti, this bluesy, groovy, R&B-meets-a-little-reggae track is right up your alley!

The video for “Always Something” is hot off the virtual presses, adding imagery to its attitude. Breaking up with a significant other is never easy, even if the end was inevitable. Weege & 880 South portrays this parting in a darkly elegant fashion, as a graceful ballerina glides down desolate city streets. It’s hauntingly beautiful to see her go. But, she had to go. “The truth will make you sober,” Weege chants, sitting in front of a colorful tapestry, almost meditative in his stoicism.

Now that the music video for “Always Something” is live to the public, Weege & 880 South are excited to unveil two more singles in February titled “Sorry It Can’t Wait” and “Signs”, leading up to an eventual full-length release in early summer. Alluding to a stockpile of over 70 songs in the works, Weege hopes that he can start taking his music on the road around summertime. For more information on Weege & 880 South, visit the links below.

Purchase or stream “Always Something” single:

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Lindsey Maupin
1 year ago

Such great music, I love hearing the story of the man behind the music!

1 year ago

Nice to see top shelf covering cool new music from Weege and 880, love it!

1 year ago
Reply to  Kristy Rose

Kruel Summer!!!! 🙂

Lauren S
1 year ago

Loving his music in San Diego!!

1 year ago

Love Weege’s music!! Always gets me in a better mood!! 🔥🔥

Bernadette Montoya
1 year ago


1 year ago


1 year ago

Weege is certified dope. A recent and extremely fortunate find for my vibe. This is another one for the playlist brah.

Debi Roland
1 year ago

Love this new music from Weege! Unique sound! Excellent video! Great job! 🙌🏼❤️✌🏼

1 year ago

SO STOKED for all the dope new music Weege & 880 South are releasing!!

Marissa Prater
1 year ago

Siiiiick. Loving all the things about this 😍

Jamie Panasci
1 year ago

We love Weege in this house! Always lifts us up and brings good vibes. My 6 year old Daughter always starts dancing as soon as his music plays. Big fans here in San Diego Ca. =)

Michelle F
1 year ago

I haven’t been listening to Weege and 880 South, for very long and boy, have I been missing out!! It’s all new to me and I’m loving it!! Very chill and upbeat. Reminds me of Michael Franti and Spearhead!! Looking forward to more new stuff!!

Meaghan Richardson
1 year ago

Love all of Weege’s new stuff. Great write up! Can’t wait for his new album!

1 year ago

Love Weege and we played him on our radio show down in NZ. Top notch tunes!

Daniel Monroe
1 year ago

Always Something is my jam. Quit sleeping!!!

Danielle Lewis
1 year ago

This music gets me through the day! I love it! Keep the new songs comin’

1 year ago

The outpour. Oh man…right in the feels. I dunno what I would do without my supporters.🥰 I love my peoples. Thank you all! Big thanks to Top Shelf and Kristy!

1 year ago

Fantastic fuckin song and video, as is the usual with this dude. Weirdly enough, I tend to listen to reggae’ish music more in the Winter than in the Summer, and this is hitting all the right spots.

1 year ago

Loving the sound and how active he is in promoting new music

Mike Lindley
1 year ago

Been a huge fan of Weege and 880 South for a long time, real stoked to see this. This sound just makes me smile.

Michelle M
1 year ago

Love Weege!! His music always puts me in a better mood. Very talented dude.

1 year ago

Wow! 👏👏
Welcome back!
How exciting! This story is extremely inspiring! Paired with its visual poetry aka video.
Captures the mood perfectly, as the lyrics are relatable. And bittersweet.

Definitely would pop Wedge & 880 on while on a bike ride.

Phenomenal writing, too. Descriptive and left me wanting to read more 🤘✨
Excited to see whats next for them!

The Reggae Remedy
1 year ago

Excellent display of musical talent!! It has been a pleasure following Weege along their ascent within the reggae/reggae rock community. This song is an incredible addition to an ever-growing collection of HITS! Keep up the good work, we are eager to hear more!!

Gary Avila
1 year ago

Love the music.. I see big things happening for Weege

Leah Ryan
1 year ago

Great write up! Weege is amazing… there isn’t a song that I dont love!