More from the recent African Trod Riddim compilation off Rebel Sound Records, Ataru chants “salvation out there and I know I’m going to find it” in this world video premiere for “Salvation” shot by Small Axe Entertainment’s Cally B and APS Columbian Films. With fast cutting, the video begins with a backwards montage of Ataru standing overlooking the ocean, smoking a spliff at the beach and moving backwards towards the town of which he came. As an homage to his homeland, “Salvation” prays that we soon journey back to “one love” mentality… love each other as one, “just like from the beginning.”

“Salvation” prays that we soon journey back to “one love” mentality…

The riddim’s mellow bongos and traditional African rhythms are accentuated by serene humming and chanting, as if attending a church service. “It’s nice to be livin’ while my heart is still givin’,” says Ataru. The world will continue to spin, so let’s be kind to each other, let’s be generous, empathetic and riteous. Represent yourself as you represent your home, your family, your freedom. Let’s build a better world.

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