Maui’s original roots musician Inna Vision is taking his status literally in his new hip hop-meets-Hawaii single “O.G IV” off the latest Link Up album via Roots Musician Records and produced by Rick Haze: a track who’s subject matter converges everything the artist has worked so hard for over the years with the family that he’s rendered as a result. Giving multiple props to Inna Vision’s musical brethren, “O.G IV” proffers a deep bass, bluesy keys, drawn out horns over the chorus, hip hop mixing and lead singer Koa rapping to the beat. This novel sound is the definition of pushing the reggae-rock genre to the next level; you can praise the reggae greats who got the music to where it’s at, but it’s also necessary to keep it moving forward. Original gangster, meet Inna Vision.

Original gangster, meet Inna Vision.

The world video premiere provides imagery to Koa’s driven lyrics, showing the complete Inna Vision creative process, from writing to recording to performing. Koa says “live with the new style”, since Inna Vision isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. “Anywhere I go, I be rockin’ shows,” Koa raps, but the drive was there from the start. Even Myspace is mentioned as part of the initial foundation. Now touring with big names – such as Katchafire, J Boog, and Tribal Seeds – and playing renowned reggae festivals, such as Cali Roots and beyond, Inna Vision reflects on the core reasons behind his efforts. Passion – “never girl, drug, money or fame”. He did it for the sake of music. With footage of Eli Mac, New Kingston, the Wash House crew and more, “O.G IV” springs to life with a “big up to the whole family.” Enjoy the world video premiere, only on Top Shelf Reggae.

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