WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Blindman “They Tried To Bury Us”

American reggae artist Blindman is back with the world video premiere for “They Tried To Bury Us”. The roots-infused track, originally debuting off of Rebel Sound Records on April 19th, centers on societal injustices of recent times — asking for not just recognition, but an end to the oppression.

We are living in telltale times of terrorism, hate, and greed.

It’s easy to get lost trying to make sense of madness. It’s equally easy to forget tragedies as they pile up. Blindman brings these thoughts to the forefront in his new video for “They Tried To Bury Us” — filmed around New York by Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda. The video, cutting between Blindman performing with his Dopifyerz bandmates, even features Blindman walking through one of the 9/11 memorial sites — visually emphasizing his already highly emotional messages. Togetherness is required for the human race to continue to prosper… and Blindman is leading the charge for betterment.

Be the first to watch the video above before it hits digital outlets tomorrow and be sure to stream Blindman’s new track today!

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Derek Gazal
28 days ago

I dig. Give thanks!