WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Jacuzzi Fuzz “Sailin On” (Bad Brains cover)

Who doesn’t love a good cover from an iconic 80s band that helped redefine the American ska and reggae genres as we know it? We hope you do, since Jacuzzi Fuzz has released their rendition of Bad Brains‘ “Sailin On” on April 12th via Rebel Sound Records!

It’s one of those covers that rings true to the original’s punk rock ethos through and through.

Premiering exclusively here on Top Shelf Music today before hitting the band’s YouTube channel, Jacuzzi Fuzz’s lyric video for “Sailin On” features bold red, gold, and green words flying vehemently over images of the band’s everyday life. Additional footage of TV static and records spinning is perfect to instill that ‘old-school’ vibe, fitting for a throwback! A song about moving on from toxicity, Jacuzzi Fuzz delivers the same sayonara, see-you-never message with ska-infused vocal inflection, extra cheeky when juxtaposed with the horn-heavy, yet laidback instrumentation. Considering it’s time to say goodbye to spring and move onto warmer weather, we can’t think of a better time to add this to your playlists!

For more on Jacuzzi Fuzz, follow the links below.

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