WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Doralee “Seu Sorriso (Your Smile)”

Los Angeles-based, island-infused singer-songwriter Doralee adds beautiful visuals to her soft, sweet “Seu Sorriso” single! Meaning ‘my smile’ in Portuguese, this track is all the bossa nova sugar you need to get your summer going.

Bossa novo music and sprawling beach scenes? Yes, please.

Doralee shines as she dances and sings, super innocently, around a lush Caribbean setting. Accented with flamenco-style guitar riffs, Doralee’s steady guitar strumming is brought to life while whisking the listener (and viewer) away to an exotic island vacation. And, who couldn’t use a vacation, am I right? Whether this video inspires you to see the world or allows you a much-needed break from city life, “Seu Sorriso” is bound to make you do just one thing — smile!

Recorded at Stoney Eye Studios, this is just the start of Doralee’s fame in the reggae scene and beyond! Get to know her through the links below and don’t forget to vibe to the new video above, directed by Jordan Melendez and edited by The Dank Street Company.

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