An interview with Amy Sheehan of California Roots

Join us as Top Shelf Music journalist Allie Adams interviews Amy Sheehan, Operations Manager for California Roots Music and Arts Festival 2022. Amy has been a pivotal part of the festival’s growth towards becoming the FIRST green-certified festival in California. In this interview, Allie focuses on the festival’s green initiatives and why that is so important to its event producers. The interview also touches on how the pandemic affected her personally, as well as how the festival and the California Roots business was able to adapt as a result.

‚ÄúCalifornia Roots is a celebration of unity in the reggae community, delivering a cosmic blend of good vibes, happiness, family, peace and love.”

“Since 2010, reggae rock and music festival enthusiasts in general have made good habit to pencil-in the festival in their calendar on a yearly basis.” -Quoted from the California Roots

Featured music:

Amanda Juline — “Good People” | Listen here

Skunk Funk — “Friday” | Listen here

Video edited by: Alexia Johnson (@Jscriptmedia on Instagram)

Interviewer: Allie Adams (@theallieadams on Instagram)

(We do not own the rights to the music featured in this video and were given permission from artists to feature)

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