WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Ghost.Wav “Coast to Coast”

Welcome to the world of Ghost.Wav — the new endeavor from Project 432 players Nick Wimer and Mark LeBlanc. Based out of Colorado, you know that Ghost.Wav holds true to the trancy, dubby reggae beats that state is starting to be known for. You know, the kind of synthy, trippy goodness, backed by a lot of hard-hitting rootsy beats and reverb. THAT sound.

Ghost.Wav is now broadcasting “Coast to Coast”, people!

In the new single from Wimer and LeBlanc, listeners get dished a large helping of that upgraded reggae goodness, with motivating lyrics and resounding bass. Fans of their previous project will be absolutely delighted. Fans of Stick Figure will be absolutely delighted. Hell, any reggae lover will dig this new direction! In this world lyric video premiere of “Coast to Coast”, Ghost.Wav’s mesmerizing sound is paired with reverberating visuals and alternating colors… kind of like if you smoked a blunt in a lava lamp and the universe started talking to you. You don’t feel it? Smoke another one, watch it again and you might.

Now signed to Rebel Sound Records, the sky is the limit for Wimer and LeBlanc, whether they stick with Ghost.Wav or fall back to fan-favorite Project 432. Either way, Top Shelf Music is in for the ride. For more on the band, visit the links below.

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