Inna Vision returns with a high-tech music video for the power track “A Team” off his recent 2020 Vision album! Not only that, but Top Shelf Music is proud to host the video’s official premiere today only before the video goes out to the public!

Inna Vision lives life to the fullest, albeit virtually, in “A Team”.

Directed by Joser One, the video for “A Team” is all about making the most of the world’s current state. With ongoing lockdowns for COVID-19, almost one full year since the start of the pandemic, citizens of the world continue to coexist at a distance (or quarantined altogether). Luckily, we have the technology to feel better. Escaping into the world of VR, Inna Vision raps in front of empty theme parks, on the shores of vacant beaches and isolated in dense foliage. The song’s hip hop beat is playful, accentuating the exploratory nature of Inna Vision’s new virtual environments. “When the world’s gone mad, think about the good times we’ve had,” chants IV, before he shouts out to everyone tuning in around the world. We’re all in this together! Inna Vision even enjoys female companionship in a virtual “date sequence”!

Jazzy horns taking the spotlight in the outro, as “A Team” winds down to a close — another infectious anthem from the renowned reggae rapper! For more information on Inna Vision, follow the links below.

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