Space Kamp unveils “Sunrays No Shade” music video

Space Kamp is back, with an all-new music video for their latest single “Sunrays No Shade”. The uplifting track couldn’t come at a better time, seeing as how 2020 is about to give way to the New Year — at last!! “Sunrays No Shade” was produced and recorded virtually in the summer of 2020, encapsulating the good vibes that were so desperately needed and so conspicuously missing over this past year. Released as of December 18th, “Sunrays No Shade” is now brought to life in the tie-dye infused video by Overpower Productions. “I’d rather be no place else,” chants Space Kamp, twirling in the bright sunlight.

Despite sociopolitical and economic circumstances, Space Kamp says it’s still a great time to be alive.

Count your blessings now, for 2021 is apt to supply more! Space Kamp comments on the single: “Now, more than ever, we feel like it’s crucial to look on the bright side of things, find the good in bad situations. That’s all we are really saying. There is a lot of negative going around; it’s hard not to get consumed by it. ‘Sunrays No Shade’ is like our mind state — stay positive and don’t feed into that negative energy.”

Speaking of positive energy, Space Kamp just finished their 4th Annual toy drive for Lehigh Valley Children’s Hospital, donating over 150 toys! The band is further giving back to their dedicated ‘Rebel Hippie‘ fanbase with the new Rebel Hippies Community card, allowing exclusive discounts, music and events to cardholders from Space Kamp and similar bands. To become a Rebel Hippie yourself, follow the band links below.

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