Top Shelf Reggae is pleased to unveil the world premeire of Jah Bouks’ latest music video, “Trod On”. The track consists of heavenly harmonies, African rhythms and diplomatic lyrics to render this year’s greatest ‘act right’ anthem. Born in Winchester, a suburb of St. Thomas, Jamaica, Jah Bouks started playing music at age 12 to promote peace, love and unity to the masses, making his mark on reggae music through the combination of traditional Jamaican riddims with African sounds. After hitting it big in 2013 with “Angola”, a salute to his African roots, Jah Bouks is back in action with “Trod On”, a single produced by Cally B of Small Axe Entertainment and featured on the album African Trod Riddims out today via Rebel Sound Records.

“You betta trod on” with your unwanted ways, for you’re not welcome here.

Directed by APS Columbian Films, the video for “Trod On” depicts Jah Bouks standing in a serene Serengeti-like setting, preaching to the word of ‘respect thy neighbor’. Don’t run around and be a punk; treat each other humanely in this life, since there’s no need for aggression. Take your negativity elsewhere. Cutting in between scenes of Jah Bouks singing with children to examples of bad behavior (such as stealing motorcycles or grabbing women on the street), Jah Bouks insinuates that it’s better to look at the world from a child’s perspective, from the eyes of the innocent. Aging allows people to turn sour, destructive, evil over time… children see things a little differently. “You betta trod on” with your unwanted ways, for you’re not welcome here. Serving as a reminder to stand true to one’s values, Jah Bouks brings to life a morality check for all of us to assess.

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