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Up-and-coming reggae songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Gross is following up on his debut EP In Control with a lyric video for the latest single off the album, “Energy”. As a New York native, finishing up school at Northwestern University as we speak, Gross has grown up in a city that emits energy like no other. Welcome to the Big Apple, the Empire State, where you can manifest your own destiny if you only unlock your full potential first. Whether or not Gross’ work is directly correlated to the city he resides in or not, it’s definitely part of his mentality, as evidenced in the lyrics of the track: “let the energy flow through”, break down the unnecessary walls in your mind blocking you from your goals with a big layer of doubt… “that’s all you’ve got to do”. Seriously, though. Why are we so uncertain about ourselves? Do we hold ourselves back from fear of failure? Fear of critique? “Give yourself room to move”, Gross encourages, for it’s a trial and error process anyway. If it was easy, we’d all be living on easy street.

Serenity is a state of mind, now let’s enjoy it together.

This inspirational track is compounded with a beautiful graphic text overlay video, juxtaposing uplifting images with colorful animated text, that premiered last week on Irie Mag’s Roku channel. Serenity is a state of mind, now let’s enjoy it together. Rotating text transitions paired with artsy shadow depths of field in the video’s images subtly brings to life the undertaking of change, broken down in visual terms. The transient process is a beautiful one, so revel in the video’s exuberant colors, implying there’s no better time than now to start altering your life for the better. Do what you’ve always wanted to do – you’re the only one holding yourself back!

“Energy” is the lead single off Adam Gross’ In Control EP, both of which are now available on all major digital outlets to stream or purchase. Since the EP’s release in early February, it has already received radio play, TV time and reached #1 on the iTunes Reggae Chart. Not too shabby for a 22-year-old, mutli-tasking between midterms… For more information on Adam Gross, visit

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