WORLD PREMIERE: ‘Love: MUSIC, A Festival Short Film’

Top Shelf Music is proud to present the world premiere of Love: Music, a short documentary film by Kaili Rose and the KairoMedia team. It’s the first of a series of short films exploring unique perspectives from the music industry by those in the industry. This first film explores the hands-on experience of a concert photographer, Kaili, as she works with two regional music festivals attempting a post-pandemic comeback. She learns of the intense struggles and underlying motivations of these dedicated, music-loving teams, while witnessing and documenting the lengths they’ll go to — all in the name of music. Namely, the love of music. And, she can relate, too.

“In telling a story from my perspective in the photo pit, I found incredible inspiration in learning just how much these festival teams put into each big weekend. It’s humbling,” Kaili states.

“I’m truly honored to be sharing this perspective with the world.”

Love: Music weaves the story and first-hand experiences of a dedicated concert photographer as she uncovers the challenges faced by 90s Nostalgia creator Remo Palladini and the crew behind northern Canada’s Rock on the River Fest. Collaborating with and capturing renowned artists such as Max-a-million, Choclair, The Vengaboys, Alice DJ, Ashanti, Ludacris, Fito Blanko, Elvis Crespo, Joee De Simone, Kardinal Offishal, Matt Mays, The Beaches and Paul Sebali, the film explores the behind-the-scenes preparations running up to the vibrance, energy and excitement of a festival. From week-before builds to soundchecks and showtimes, follow along on this unique journey. 

Kaili Rose is a veteran concert photographer in the music industry, known for her vibrant and energetic style — a creator rather than just a photographer. Outside of her contributions to Top Shelf Music and Noteworthy Public Relations, she leads a small media team who are currently working on the second, third and fourth short documentary films in the Love: Music series, based on diverse topics within the music industry.

“My goal is to share a slightly less-polished version of the industry, from the perspective of the artists and those struggling to make it,” Rose continues. “Those trying to make a living, to survive the challenges of live music post-pandemic and to leave an indelible and unique mark on a huge industry — they have mind-blowing stories that need to be shared!”

We would like to share a special shoutout to artists and industry collaborations: if you have an interesting story about your journey in the music industry, we’d love to hear from you! You can email us here or reach out through the social media links below.

Be the first to check out Love: Music live on Top Shelf before it goes public tomorrow and don’t forget to thank your festival organizers for the blood, sweat and tears they put into each and every event!

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