WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Payson Lewis “Hotel Suite”

Philly-raised indie pop singer-songwriter Payson Lewis returns in this diabolical, yet comical video for his “Hotel Suite” single, premiering exclusively today on Top Shelf before hitting his own YouTube channel tomorrow! The music video, shot like a classic film by Colin Duffy, reveals right off the bat a couple at odds with each other about staying at a rundown hotel. Clearly, the husband messed up in this booking.

Payson, playing every character except the female lead, proffers a video narrative full of fun twists and turns as he unfolds a vacationer’s worst nightmare.

Upbeat, bass-heavy and danceable, Lewis serenades in the track “I know you want to get away”… you would think to somewhere exotic, right? Well, come to find out, his “hotel suite” is anything but accommodating. From dead rats to clogged sinks to murder scenes, Payson Lewis’ idea of a weekend holiday is a little different than most. It can still be a party, though! Just close your eyes and imagine a deluxe bed full of roses and complimentary room service. See? A bad hotel experience is subjective — it’s all in how you look at it!

This tongue-in-cheek production makes it all the more humorous with the inclusion of blatant Shutterstock images and footage! Payson, how creatively ingenious of you! Be the first to tune into the music video today before it goes public October 7th and make sure to follow Payson Lewis via the social links below for more.

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