WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Mutual Groove “Funky Butternut”

Let’s face it, this COVID-19 lockdown is getting to people. Monetary circumstances aside, the prolonged forced isolation is resulting in high numbers of depression and anxiety worldwide. Answering the call aren’t politicians or doctors — it’s funk group Mutual Groove out of Nashville! Mutual Groove, former touring members for hip hop artist Stealing Oceans and Nashville rhythm section for hire, has turned into a collective dedicated to the active communication of mental wellness through something they like to call ‘The Groovement’.

What better time to groove down on your sorrows than when you’re stuck in the house!

As of last summer, Mutual Groove has expanded their repertoire to include original music, leading to this extra funky jam premiering today. Top Shelf Music is not only happy to host the world premiere of “Funky Butternut” (their latest concoction), but also play a bit role in it! That’s right, Mutual Groove reached out to fellow Quarantine-rs around the world to provide this video’s dance sequence and see if you can spot Top Shelf Music Editor-in-Chief Kristy Rose getting down alongside so many others.

The video, edited by drummer David Martin (aka DMart), starts drab — a robed woman, shown in black-and-white, clicks on the TV to a spinning ‘breaking news’ logo. A newscaster emphasizes over and over again — “it’s bad”. Around the world — “it’s bad”. The woman tries to do normal household things, like open the fridge or pour some wine only to be interrupted by a colorful “Funk Butternut” interjection. Things are getting weird around here… Emotional and defeated, the woman lays down on the couch, hoping a nap can break the monotony and multitude of sad news. Awakening to the opening notes of “Funky Butternut”, the music video switches to color, displaying a myriad of dance participants all getting funky monkey together. It’s simply too hard to not join in the fun.

Be the first to tune into the video above before it’s released tomorrow! Being 420, add a little herbal incentive to your dance break today. For more information on Mutual Groove or to join the The Groovement yourself, be sure to check out the links below!

Band links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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