Top Shelf Music News: Episode 4

Your Top Shelf Music News hosts Matt Cook and Kristy Rose are back for Episode 4… although their sanity is questionable, at best. Under the current COVID-19 circumstances, the music industry has all but ground to a halt, yet these two dedicated news reporters aren’t giving up, assembling what few bits and pieces of music news remain to be commented on. TSMN reporter Alexia Johnson hosts her monthly #HotList, we introduce a new TSMN reporter — Mr. Mike E.P., our Ohio Correspondent for No Reason — and solo artist Brendan Clemente guest spots over Skype. And… is that… no, it can’t be… Is Madonna in the Top Shelf Music studio to guest star, as well? Find out by watching the episode above and stay safe long enough for the next installment coming this May.

*DISCLAIMER*: Top Shelf Music News is meant to be a humorous newscast. We are taking the COVID-19 crisis seriously and wish all those afflicted — in any way — the best. Our moral values of ‘bringing only good vibes’ is applied through this news show in the encouragement of laughter in a time of global hysteria. Opinions expressed in each episode do not reflect the company at large. Cheers 🍻😷

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