WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Mystic Roots “I’m Good”

Mystic Roots strikes a stand for women’s rights in the socially-conscious world video premiere of “I’m Good”. With everything going on in this nation, particularly against women, Mystic Roots Band joins the women’s march, proclaiming “try to hold me down and you gon’ see me fight”. I am woman, hear me roar!

You cannot silence women any longer.

Women of all ages, colors and creeds are represented in the video, presenting themselves as a united front against maltreatment and masochism. We are “proud to be a woman” and will broadcast that as long as we need to. Feed off this message until it is not just ingested, but processed and digested accordingly. You cannot silence women any longer. With a band full of boys and one frontwoman, Mystic Roots Band is a pristine example of how women and men can coexist tranquilly, both personally and professionally.

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