Tomorrows Bad Seeds release “Trinity” video

SoCal scenery and postive vibrations overflow in the newest music video for “Trinity” from South Bay reggae-rock collective Tomorrows Bad Seeds. From their start in 2001, TBS has consistently been a cornerstone of the Cali reggae movement, combining reggae with rock with pop with hip hop to render one of the top sounds in the scene. Now, with their forthcoming full-length Illuminate on the horizon, the TBS boys are nose to the grindstone with a video for the album’s second single “Trinity” – a song about light, love, faith and family.

This one’s for the “free-thinking individuals, the rebels of society”…

Directed by Tom Vujcic of Reel Wolf Productions and debuted via Grind Magazine, the video for “Trinity” depicts life of a southern Californian – from street markets to beach boardwalks. Lead singer Moises Juarez walks from place to place, preaching “set your conscience free” by giving thanks to the holy trinity. This one’s for the “free-thinking individuals, the rebels of society” who need to allow themselves an outlet from the status quo. Welcome to the “renegade rhythm” of Tomorrows Bad Seeds… sit back, relax and let the music heal whatever’s giving you a headache. This track follows single number one off the album, “Frequency”, which was quite literally written to heal: the track was recorded at an atypical frequency from other musical recordings to match the frequency of the universe, mathmatically speaking. Between the science behind “Frequency” and the religious aspects of “Trinity”, TBS is schooling the world on how to live life to our fullest potential. Because that’s what it’s all about. The video for “Trinity” reinforces this mantra with images of Moi playing with his own child and dog in between town shots, because after a long day of “comin’ from the underground to take your city streets”, coming home to the ones you love is the most high.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds is set to release Illuminate off Mensch House Records this spring although a concrete date has yet to be set. Considering the band has an extensive Illuminate Tour kicking off April 21st out of Charlotte, North Carolina and extending through June 3rd, fans of TBS probably don’t have to wait too long to get their copy of the album. Direct support for the national tour is Sun-Dried Vibes, Roots of a Rebellion and Thicker Than Thieves, which is a pretty solid list to say the least! For more information, visit

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