WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Mystic Roots “Things To Say”

Cali reggae staple Mystic Roots returns with the world video premiere for one of their top fan-favorite songs, “Things To Say”! Debuting exclusively today on Top Shelf Music before it hits their YouTube channel, be one of the first to view a wonderful compilation of the band’s European voyage to entertain U.S. troops overseas.

From the Colosseum to Pompeii, Mystic Roots wants to brighten your spirits and support your dreams.

Explore the world spreading good vibes and reggae music? Mystic Roots members are IN! Travel with lead singer Katherine Ramirez, singing all the encouraging “things to say” to “see all of your dreams come true”. And, what a dream to visit all of the ancient wonders of the world while you’re at it! With actual footage of the band rehearsing and posing for pictures next to America’s soldiers, Mystic Roots puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to “living life in harmony”.

Check out the exclusive video premiere above and don’t forget to add the oldie-but-goodie classic “Things To Say” single to your streaming playlists, originally off the band’s Camp Fire Vol. 1, Camp (Roots) album.

Purchase or stream “Things To Say” single:

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