Solrise shares “Cold & Rugged” lyric video

Rootsy reggae Barcelona-based band Solrise returns with a lyric video for their “Cold & Rugged” single — an appropriately-titled song for wintertime!! And, it’s in English (for all you tuning in from the States). Released last year before their latest single “Sitting There”, “Cold & Rugged” centers around the sad hard feelings that come with solitude.

Considering we have all experienced “solitude” to some degree over the past few years with global lockdowns, this single couldn’t come at a better time to give hope for tomorrow.

There’s nothing like inspiration at the start of a new year. 2022 is sprawled out before us and, hopefully, it will be a little less turbulent and tainted and a lot more communal and calm. The former has affected our mental health for far too long. Solrise brings awareness to how we’ve been “drifting away from our race, from ourselves”, whether we realize it or not. Since the whole world is turning a new leaf into the new year, might as well shift our attitudes while we’re at it.

Watch the new lyric video above and make sure to follow Solrise for more!

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