It is with great pleasure that Top Shelf Music introduces ONEPEOPLE, a rising force in the world of reggae music. Originating from Ventura, California, this talented band has come together with a shared vision of spreading messages of unity, love, and social consciousness through their captivating sound. Collaborating with The Dank Street Company, ONEPEOPLE has brought this vision to life in a music video for their hit single, “Sick One.”

Audibly, ONEPEOPLE delivers infectious rhythms, soulful melodies, and heartfelt lyrics that transcend boundaries. Their music not only brings people together through shared human experiences but also through the dynamic range of reggae influences, seamlessly blending traditional reggae tempos with electrifying rock and hip-hop elements. This musical diversity is a remarkable testament to their musicianship.

“I know, I’ve got to stop, oh. I know I’ve got to stop this vicious cycle”

Visually, director and producer Chris Chapman of The Dank Street Company has created a uniquely stunning narrative that complements the message within “Sick One.” From the moment the video begins, viewers are transported to a realm where music and reality intertwine, immersing them in a whole body experience from start to finish.

The video showcases breathtaking visuals, captivating performances, and a narrative that reflects the complexity of human existence. As the video unfolds, ONEPEOPLE takes us on a journey through a neighborhood and a trip to a liquor store. Through these scenes, we begin to understand that “Sick One” is not your average party song despite the friendships and indulgences observed on the surface. “Sick One” and the corresponding video hints at the struggles of depression and self-reflection, juxtaposing party scenes with lyrics that touch upon personal challenges and the desire to break free from destructive cycles.

The contrast between what we hear and what we see is masterfully crafted throughout the video. Scenes of bulk liquor purchases and house parties are skillfully interwoven with a lack of genuine enjoyment. Close-up portraits of each band member, accompanied by introspective lyrics, further emphasize the sincerity and vulnerability of their message.

“This cycle got me spinning round like a cyclone, man up in the mirror looking, psycho. Changing need, I’m busting out this cycle”

With so much to absorb in both the song and the video, pressing play multiple times is a must. Only then can one truly appreciate the beauty and depth of the artistic expression seen here.

Check out the artist links below to further support ONEPEOPLE and the transparency they are bringing to humanity through music.

Artist Links: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

Video/Production Links: Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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