WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Amanda Stewart “Barn Crazy”

Montana singer-songwriter, Amanda Stewart has invited us to peek into her world as she releases her new single “Barn Crazy” with an accompanying music video.

Stewart channels a raw and diverse Americana sound that captures the essence of her soul. Her music is a blend of stripped-down simplicity and a rich tapestry of styles, intertwining mellifluous vocals with a harmonious fusion of sharp and gentle qualities. Think Fleetwood Mac meets Taylor Swift – solid gold.

Through her heartfelt lyrics, Stewart delves into the melancholic and contemplative aspects of life, while also embracing moments of unbridled energy and rocking out. Driven by a genuine, vulnerable, and introspective artistic vision, Amanda is preparing to unveil a project that embodies these qualities. Venom Stewarts forthcoming 12-track album set for release on Friday, July 28, serves as a tribute to life’s transient moments, inviting us to immerse ourselves in its joys and sorrows. 

“Barn Crazy” the final single to be released before the album drop is no different. Lyrically, Stewart uses clever metaphors and comparisons in telling the story of a previous lover who lacks wanderlust and curiosity, instead preferring the comfort of home (a nod to her country living lifestyles where horses longing for their stable are referred to as “barn crazy”). 

These lyrics depict a story of love and disappointment, exploring themes of longing, vulnerability, and the complexities of relationships.

The opening lines, “Sometimes you hear the lightning before you see the clouds, Would we have kept on riding if I had known what I know now,” suggest a sense of foreboding or a premonition. It reflects a situation where Stewart might have made different choices if she had been aware of the outcome. The metaphor of hearing the lightning before seeing the clouds hints at sensing trouble before it becomes apparent.

The line “Like a painted palomino through the barrel of a gun, A little clap of thunder will always make him run” creates a vivid image. It portrays someone who is easily frightened or sensitive, comparing them to a skittish horse. The mention of thunder indicates that even the slightest conflict or disturbance causes this person to retreat.

The repeated refrain, “I guess he couldn’t leave home, He had everything my heart could give, I guess he couldn’t be strong, In the minute that I needed him,” reveals a sense of disappointment and longing for someone who couldn’t meet expectations. It suggests that despite having offered her heart and support, this person was unable to be there when needed the most. There’s a feeling of unanswered vulnerability and a yearning for strength from the other person.

However, despite the disappointment, Stewart asserts her independence and resilience. The lines “But I’ll still be wild and free rolling in the daisies, baby, Winds will blow just let them go when they’re barn crazy” convey a determination to remain true to herself and embrace her own freedom. It’s a declaration that they won’t let setbacks, challenging circumstances nor other people hold her back.

The mention of giving the key back to the landlord and heading west suggests a fresh start or a journey towards new horizons. The fleeting nature of sunsets is mentioned, perhaps symbolizing the impermanence of relationships and the transient nature of happiness.

Overall, these lyrics paint a picture of a love that couldn’t endure, with one person unable to break free from their comfort zone and confront their fears. It’s a bittersweet reflection on the complexities of human connection, emphasizing the speaker’s resilience and determination to embrace life’s joys, even in the face of disappointment.

Visually, we are invited into an intimate scene where Stewart, set in low lighting, strums her acoustic guitar alongside her bandmates in a recording studio.

The visualizer is stripped down to the bones allowing viewers to focus on the music. When you have a song rich in melodic harmonies and lyrically profound, such as, “Barn Crazy”, an over the top music video is not necessary. Stewart beautifully displays how sometimes simpler is better. Simpler is stronger.

Can’t wait to hear how the rest of Venom plays out! If it is anything like “Barn Crazy” we are in for a treat! Make sure to pre-save here so you don’t miss the drop! 

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