WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Pipe Down “Smile”, feat. Rilen’ Out

Reggae is relatable anywhere. Take it from island reggae band Pipe Down, strumming sweet and sultry reggae tunes on a snow-covered Lake Tahoe mountaintop wearing a Hawaiian T-shirt. It doesn’t get much cooler than that… well, except for the fact that the official video for the track is premiering exclusively today on Top Shelf Music!

Whether you’re relaxing at the end of a workday or relishing the weekend with friends, Pipe Down says it’s time to smile.

Showcasing the gorgeous scenery of the mountain town where this band formed (during quarantine, no less), the video for “Smile” envelops the weekend getaway you’ve always wanted — even if it’s a bit on the chillier side. The video — filmed and edited by Nick Coulter and Cheyenne Summer, two esteemed action sports filmmakers — traverses expansive ski runs, includes live music at the lodge and puts smiles on everyone’s faces. What a fantastic way to spend wintertime! Seasons are only a state of mind if you permanently have sunshine on the brain. Joining the group in the mix and in the video is Riley Grey (of Rilen’ Out), adding a smoky verse to an already smoldering track. Truly — the pairing of the two singers’ voices together is captivating beyond belief!

If this brand new video doesn’t get you beaming, make sure to follow the band links below to catch Pipe Down (or Rilen’ Out) in action! Take it from us (and all the locals up in Tahoe), you want to catch a Pipe Down show if you can.

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