Gary Dread & Rick Haze release “Running” music video

Reggae trap artist Rick Haze pairs with The Movement’s Gary Dread in this new video by Raised Fist Propaganda. Talk about an all star collaboration! As Haze laments he’s “so sick and tired” of the lies and deceit, Dread brings the roots vibes till the “fat lady sings”.

They’re “running”, but where exactly are they going?

Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda expertly captures this limbo of emotions, bouncing between black and white and full color scenes. Running from land to water, Haze and Dread express how they are “so sick of imposters”, so sick of well… the grind. “Mentally withdrawn”, the dynamic duo float in the Atlantic waters, praying upwards to the heavens for relief, as the stress can be “heavy like bricks”. We’ve all been there.

Strapped with melody-blending autotune and a whole lot of dub, this rise and grind kind of track is dedicated to those who persevere, despite all odds. And, also to reggae lovers, of course. Watch the new video above and follow the links below for more.

Rick Haze links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Raised Fist Propaganda links: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Website

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