WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Ras Fraser Jr. “Forward Rasta Army”

Jamaica’s up-and-coming preacher of all things positive, Ras Fraser Jr., is delivering more salvation to the world in this Top Shelf Reggae world video premiere for “Forward Rasta Army”. The track is an upbeat, catchy one off Fraser’s latest LP Journey To Greatness that debuted off Rebel Sound Records in late March of this year. “Hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil,” Fraser chants, for “…righteousness conquers the wicked.” Growing up in Portmore, St. Catherine and migrating to Kingston, Jamaica, Ras Fraser Jr. has seen atrocities committed to his people and has dedicated his life to developing a better reality for Caribbean citizens through uplifting music. If we forward Rastafarian beliefs, we can finally coexist in peace. So, stay on, Rasta army!

If we forward Rastafarian beliefs, we can finally coexist in peace.

With playful synth keys on the chorus, the track subtly prompts its listeners to self-reflect and assess what’s not working. Along this pattern, the video by Nakitt Music adds imagery to philosophy, showing Fraser in several settings, living the life he envisions for all. Fraser poses the question: if you were to look at your own life through binoculars, would you like what you see? This query is brought to life in the video’s bird’s eye shots through binoculars and video camera screens, looking down on Fraser’s residence; he isn’t afraid of being watched for he has nothing to hide. Be mindful, be tranquil, be neighborly. Fraser dances alongside his community throughout the video, starting at his own house to a public wetlands area. Spread the vibes – “what a feelin'”! Living Rastafarian is better than living in fear, in hate.

Stream or purchase “Forward Rasta Army” via Ras Fraser Jr’s Journey To Greatness album on all major digital outlets.

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