WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Ras Fraser Jr. ft. Perfect Giddimani “Soul Confusion”

Introducing the world video premiere of “Soul Confusion” by Ras Fraser Jr., renowned Rastafarian roots reggae artist featuring legendary Jamaican artist, Perfect Giddimani. With a strong focus on building personal self-actualization, “Soul Confusion” delivers a powerful message both lyrically and visually. It is the second single from the upcoming full-length album I Am Conscious, that will be out later this year. “Soul Confusion”, produced by Soul Fyah Productions on Fraser’s own label, Wide Awake Music in collaboration with Big Mill Productions and Rebel Sound Records worked together to bring us the mastered roots reggae sound we hear today.

In the video, expertly crafted by Rick Haze at Rasta Village in Miami, FL, Ras Fraser Jr. uses the visualizer to focus the audience’s attention on the message of the song instead of distracting us with unnecessary components. It is simple yet direct. The underlying theme emphasizes the importance of opening one’s mind in order to settle the confusion felt within the soul from the unsettled society we live in. Despite our human nature, Fraser acknowledges the significance of seeking guidance from a higher power during moments of doubt.

“Soul Confusion” and the accompanying sonic visual exudes uplifting harmonies and empowering lyrics, with the sole intention of liberating its listeners.

Whether we find ourselves lost, disenfranchised, facing adversity, or feeling insignificant, doubting our own abilities only exacerbates the situation. Confidence becomes the ultimate key to enlightenment, as anything becomes possible when we believe in ourselves.

Settling one’s confusion is a top priority for enlightenment.

As Ras Fraser Jr. prepares to release the remainder of the album in 2023, he continues to inspire people from all walks of life. The principles conveyed through his music are universally applicable and essential for attaining happiness and prosperity. In a world that can often be oppressive, Ras Fraser Jr.’s artistry sheds light on the path to freedom. Be the first to witness the thought-provoking music video for “Soul Confusion” and stream the single today!

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