Up close & personal with Chevelle at Welcome to Rockville 2023

For over two decades, Chevelle has produced the best sound and lyrical masterpieces. Their innovative musical methodologies have become a music mecca in the metal industry. Brave and brilliant, the artists (and brothers) Pete and Sam Loeffler continue to blow our minds with every album and every track. 

Globally, Chevelle has dominated with over five million records sold just in the US!

And their momentum has never ceases, has never resulted in anything less than exceptional. The north star of their success comes from their drive and determination, all the while remaining steady to their own signature sound and passion for music.

Chevelle played for a sea of humans, all eager and ready to experience their magic. But these boys are no strangers to the biggest music events in the world: they just performed at Sick New World presented by Goldenvoice prior to Rockville. Their presence at Rockville was extremely wanted and the crowd was completely enthralled with their stage performance. 

Chevelle was of one of the main headliners at Welcome to Rockville 2023 in Daytona Beach, Florida and we were able to have a chat with drummer Sam Loeffler before he jumped onstage! 

I know you guys just did Sick New World show in Vegas, tell us about that!

  • SL: The lineup was nuts! It was crazy. There were so many bands and it was amazing. As a band, it was overwhelming. It was a great experience. The hard part was nearly cooking onstage, more than hot, but cooking onstage like a rotisserie chicken! But you know people are doing it, so we can do it, too! The experience was fantastic and to be with all those bands all together felt special. And there was a whole other thing going on backstage… The industry was there; we have grown as a band so many of the people from management and agencies and marketing were there. Everyone there was very encouraging, it was a great feeling!

Like this was meant to be.

  • It had to be, because that had to be world of pain to put that show on. 

Since COVID, was this the biggest fest?

  • No, but it’s funny, we were just saying since COVID, it doesn’t really like it. COVID feels like a storm cloud looming. 

That storm better stay the hell away! … 

There is so much more of this conversation, so please check out the video above! We want to thank Chevelle for their time, as this was very special to us!

Chevelle links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Interview by Stef Sanchez; video by Suzanne Sanchez

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