WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Ras Fraser Jr. “Talk Truth”

Rastafari Ras Fraser Jr. is dropping truth bombs in his latest music video for “Talk Truth”, recorded as part of the 876 Tingz Live series. Ras Fraser Jr. says, if it’s hateful, stressful, negative, or just plain annoying, “we don’t wanna hear from you”… or you, or you!

Melodic (with a slight touch of autotune) and embellished with synthy strings, this is dancehall reggae at its finest.

Ras Fraser Jr. preaches honesty into a single green microphone in a serene park setting. Simple yet effective, this artist won’t stand for people killing his vibe. Produced by Steel Plate Records, the single itself is strong; it’s one to make that ‘stank face’ to on the dance floor as you swing your hips down low. A happy life is achieved only when you set your own personal standards against toxicity.

Be the first to witness this reggae heavyweight’s new video for “Talk Truth” above and make sure to follow Ras Fraser Jr. via the links below for more.

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