WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Seranation “Not Today”

Florida alt reggae band Seranation wants to live the easy life. They really, really do. They recommend it to everyone else, as well. However, sometimes, things just don’t go your way: people can project their problems onto you, unexpected stress can get dumped on your plate, or the best laid plans can get soiled due to poor timing. In order to maintain a daily positive outlook, let alone your sanity, you might just have to draw the line and say “NOT TODAY”.

In this new single and video, Seranation forewarns unfair bosses, ranting Karens, negative Nancys, and snoopy Susans that today is not, in fact, the day.

Produced by GRAMMY-nominated producer and engineer Josh Saldate, “Not Today” is a catchy and upbeat anthem that captures the essence of taking a break… refusing to be pressured into ill-fitted demands. The lyrics describe a situation where a boss tries to persuade a worker to cover a shift, despite it being their day off. The protagonist, however, stands firm, rejecting the constant demands and opting for self-care instead. The repetitive “nah-nah-nah” chorus adds a playful and carefree vibe to the overall message of resistance against workplace pressure. The defiance against societal expectations and the celebration of personal time create an empowering and relatable narrative, set to an energetic and catchy tune. “Not Today” becomes an anthem for those who choose to prioritize their wellbeing over the demands of daily life.

The music video, directed by Jeff Applefield, is a total nod to the 1999 film Office Space, emphasizing the theme of workplace frustration and desire for freedom. Friends of the protagonist in the video call him to go out, mirroring the movie scenes where the characters seek solace outside of the office environment.

Seranation has this to say about their latest hit, “It’s really easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, so we wrote ‘Not Today’ about just that: taking a break for yourself and learning to ‘say no’ to the things that no longer serve you,” the band explains. “When filming the music video, we were inspired by all of our past experiences working in restaurants, bars, offices, and interacting with people who don’t always make our lives easier. As you grow, you learn how to handle these people and situations, and sometimes that means knowing when to say ‘NOPE — Not Today.'”

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