Singer-songwriter Shahar Mintz, Israeli born and current resident of New York, expresses a somber swan song to the city he has grown so accustomed to in this exclusive world video premiere of “Red”. After 23 years of living in Brooklyn, Mintz has decided it’s finally time to move back to Israel to be with his family; adding a video to this previously released prog rock single stands as his final goodbye.

With the New York City skyline and abstract imagery, “Red” emotes even more within its darkened timbre and trance-like guitar strums.

Standing on the rocks of the East River shore, Mintz looks out meditatively to all he’s known for over two decades. Shots of graffitied walls and abandoned warehouses allow the viewer to see this is a place that has been treaded on before left alone — a direct metaphor to Mintz’s life choice to leave. Circling his guitar overhead in the abandoned warehouse further signifies he originally arrived in the United States in pursuit of music, which he has masterfully executed during his time here. Whether through his solo work or through participating in bands like Mahavatar, Actualities, Yelled Zaiin or the African/Brooklyn reggae band Meta & The Cornerstones, Mintz has made a musicial career for himself, something he should be proud of and cherish as he starts this new chapter back home.

Although the video is new, the original release of “Red” comes off Shahar Mintz’s 2016 solo album Know Yourself, available via the streaming links below. With five albums out over the last five years, all off Rebel Sound Records, Shahar Mintz is one growing name to know, no matter where in the world he’s located!

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