WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: StoneTribe “Locked Away”

StoneTribe is gearing up with the full-length release of Sync or Swim on March 15th with one more official lyric visualizer release of the single “Locked Away”. The song (featuring the talents of Zelen, Sgt. Remo, and Andrew McKee) is an upbeat reggaeton party describing the best intoxication of them all — love.

Fusing horns with flamenco guitar, this pulsating beat will get you hooked from the gate.

“She keeps her heart locked away,” sings Dan De Lion, one half of this long-distance style band based in San Antonio, Texas. Natoven — rounding out the duo in North Carolina — adds to this cat-and-mouse game with lusty lyrics like “butterflies in my stomach // Knees weak // So hooked // No doubt she my favorite drug.” The passion is there, it’s an instant connection, yet the game persists. Frustrated with being in romantic “crosshairs”, StoneTribe reasons that love may hurt from time to time, completely annihilate you, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a “curse”… so, why “let it waste”? But, despite the boys’ best efforts, their ravenous woman remains elusive.

By the bridge, we get the woman’s side of the story with a beautiful serenade by Zelen: “Ya no vuelvo a caer // ya no vuelve a pasar”… basically, it’s not gonna happen. She’s guarded and there’s no bulldozing the walls of steel around this corazón. Better luck next time.

Enjoy this steamy and stimulating single via the visualizer above and, again, this and many other bangers will shortly be available on StoneTribe’s Sync or Swim album, available for pre-order now! Visit the links below for more.

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