WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: SunDub “New Ways to Love”, ft. Peetah Morgan

Known for incorporating socio-political activism into its music, Brooklyn-based reggae band SunDub’s newest single “New Ways to Love”, featuring Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage, is no different. Written during the most isolating months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the “New Ways to Love” world video premiere delivers the timeless message that together we are stronger. 

“When push comes to shove, I’ll find new ways to love.”

The connection between the lyrical content and the 2020 lockdown is clear. However, the visualization of the music video is a powerful reminder that the message of perseverance, confidence, and unity is not exclusive to global pandemics. The bright colors, warm sunshine, and island vibe presented in the video are a stark contrast to the early days of 2020, visually reinforcing the idea that we must be a beam of light despite dark times. Frontwoman Joanna Teters uses the soulful rasp of her voice to let us know that as long as you remain true to yourself, you’ve got what you need to grow. Teters pinpoints a lot of social upheavals experienced over the last few years and melodic support from GRAMMY-winning artist Peetah Morgan flawlessly chimes in to remind us that we are strong enough to adapt. We can find new ways to love when our old ways are challenged.

The new video by Dr. Zeus Productions was filmed over the summer in Florida. The imagery depicts carefree island vibes, with playful camaraderie amongst the musicians. Based entirely outdoors, viewers are taken on what feels like a vacation. The easygoing feel elicited by the visualizer aligns perfectly with the breezy instrumental sound.

Both of these present as complimentary, yet contrasting forces: the yin to the socially aware, heavy lyrical content’s yang. 

With the remainder of Spirits Eat Music set to be released this Friday (November 11th, 2022) via Easy Star Records, SunDub remains a powerful force in the music industry. They are paramount in bridging the gap between music and activism. They use this song and subsequent video to remind us that humanity, at its core, has a responsibility to find ‘new ways to love’. 

Be the first to view SunDub’s “New Ways to Love” music video above before you’re able to stream it across all platforms and make sure to pre-save the album TODAY!

Photo Credit: Kiki Vassilakis

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